Feather's Beads, LLC Handmade Unique One of a Kind Jewelry Items

In 2006, while in search of items for my son’s school projects, Feather’s Beads started purely by chance. It was formed in the craft section after I happened to look down and see a book on jewelry design. Almost intuitively, I looked at my husband and said, “I think I’d like to make jewelry.” 

I purchased the book and a few supplies to get me started. Gradually, I taught myself how to master the creation of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets and have been making jewelry ever since. In fact, I even got my family involved! As a matter of fact, my son and daughter even made a few of the pieces you will see on the website.

In the beginning, it didn’t occur to me to take pictures of my pieces. Unfortunately, that means there are probably 100 pieces that have been sold without being documented.  However, in 2008, a close friend of mine suggested photographing each piece before it is whisked away by its new owner. So, now I make sure to get a picture of each and every item.

Until now, I have exclusively sold only to my friends and family and attended the occasional craft show. I am very excited to share my creations with a wider audience and hope that you enjoy them as much as I adore making them!

As you may discover, every piece has its own one of a kind name with the exception of the Kathryn and the Kathryn Too line. The Kathryn and Kathryn Too (which utilize crystals instead of colored pearls) line came about thanks to a special friend of mine. On occasion, my friend wore a special necklace that belonged to her mother.  The necklace was so stunning that whenever she wore it I would have to touch it and admire it. Eventually, I asked her if I could design a necklace inspired by her own magnificent treasure. Luckily, she graciously granted me permission! When it was completed, I asked if I could name it after her mother and once again she said yes. Of course, she now owns the original Kathryn!

I enjoyed making that necklace (and working with the pearls in general) so much that I told my husband that I really wanted to keep making them. However, I have such a difficult time coming up with distinctive names! I did not know how to do that with this collection and he suggested that I do a Kathryn line. So, once again, I asked my patient friend, if she approved and yet again she graciously agreed. Subsequently, this is how the Kathryn and Kathryn Too line came to be. They encapsulate a simple, yet timeless design with endless variations. Plus, who doesn’t love pearls?

Thus, after years of friends and family urging me to put my jewelry on the Internet – here I am!  Now, I am the owner and mastermind of Feather’s Beads, LLC and am ready to bring you lovingly created jewelry pieces at reasonable prices!  Also, I will do custom work as well! If you already have beads that you would like to have made into a necklace, please contact me and I would be honored to create a piece exclusively for you!

If are curious about the company name, I will explain. I chose the name Feather’s Beads because my mother and grandmother both called me “Feather” my entire life.  Sadly, they are both gone now and it seemed like the obvious choice to honor them when it came time to name my business.

Our company logo was an artistic collaboration between my father and my youngest son.  In fact, my father worked on and completed the project just weeks before he passed.  I like to think that he still is watching over my family and this company which proudly bears his final creation.

I so look forward to sharing my creations with you!  Thank you for visiting feathersbeads.com!






Heather Smith

Feather’s Beads, LLC